Dear Mr. Landlord, Why are pets not allowed?

If you're looking for a home or apartment to lease, you've probably noticed that many properties are pet restricted.  By some estimates, pet restricted properties make up more than 50% of all rental properties. 

So why do landlords and property owners restrict pets?  It's unlikely that it is because they don't like pets.  many have pets of their own.  The reasons vary, but typically it is due to the damage that a pet can cause to a rental property.  A dog or cat can cause several thousand dollars in damage by soiling carpet, chewing on base boards and digging in the lawn.  Carpet for one room can cost as much as $1,000.  If a pet ruins the carpet, it would likely create more damage than the security deposit being held.

In addition to potentially causing property damage, some pets are noisy and can be a disturbance to neighbors.  A barking dog can be an annoyance for your neighbor that is trying to sleep.

For some people, animals present allergy issues.  pet allergies are a problem for a lot of people.  If, for example, a person with a pet allergy rents a property that was previously occupied by pets, it could cause that person a lot of discomfort and possibly cause them to move.

There are lot of good reasons to have a pet.  They are wonderful companions and can be excellent protectors.  Unfortunately, they also present a potential problem for property owners and neighbors. 

Sorry tenant, we apologize.  We love animals too, but no pets allowed.

Sincerely, the Landlord