Renter's Insurance provides coverage for your possessions in the event they are stolen or destroyed, and for injuries sustained by others in instances for which you are liable.  Your landlord's insurance protects against loss of the actual structure but doesn't provide coverage for your property.

Some people believe that the property owner's (landlord's) insurance policy will cover their possessions in the case of fire, flood or theft.  This is not the case.  You are personally responsible to ensure that your belongings are protected. The best way to do this is to purchase a renter's policy (HO4). 

You can purchase coverage from the same insurance company you use for your automobile insurance. You should make an inventory of your personal belongings that you wish to insure and place a value on those belongings. Once you have that information, you should select the best policy that fits your situation.

The best part of renter's insurance is that it is cheap. Most coverage costs pennies a day.  So don't neglect to protect yourself, your to-do list should look like this: sign lease, transfer utilities, get renter's insurance.